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Be Safe Online

  • Don't share second names.
  • Don't share private details like your address/phone number.
  • Don't publish meeting times with your friends or where you're going.
  • NEVER add anyone as a friend on a social network site if you don't know them.
  • Remember everything you post online can be seen by many people and can be printed - so think carefully aboutwhat you are writing.
  • Don't post pictures of other people without their permission.


  • Do explore and learn new things
  • Do be safe by following our guide

ThinkU know
ThinkUKnow resources aimed at different age groups and with materials for parents and teachers,

Ideas for being safe online
Teaching Themes – Staying Safe Online – ideas for online and offline activities

Advice for parents
What do parents do when their eight-year-old knows more than they do about cyberspace? How do they guide their children safely through this online world? How do they set the rules when they perhaps don’t even understand the risks? This document online provides some safety tips. Parenthood is never easy and the ground rules are always changing.